About Us


Founded in 1989 Audra Herbals, formerly known as Brazilian Beauty House, is a specialized hair & beauty treatment center which offered hair loss treatments, professional facials and other pioneering personal care services.

Its founder, Ms. Theresa Petrose, a qualified aesthetician, stylist and long-time student in the field of Ayurveda, developed Audra Herbals through a series of long-term trials and in-depth formulation research. Through this method she made several interesting discoveries, which over time; she successfully translated into a series of high quality, effective and nature based formulations of hair, skin and body care products.

After putting her new range of products through long-term results based testing, the Audra Herbals brand proved more effective than other similar products of its kind in the market. Today, there are over 20 different products in its range and various more at research & development stages; each developed with the purpose of improving lives and giving our customers’ the satisfaction and results they deserve.

"Audra Herbals... Where Results Matter"



Founder's Message




"At Audra Herbals, we are constantly looking to provide our clients with the best all-natural solutions for their personal well-being; regardless if it's for hair, skin or body care. As a regular user of the Audra Herbals brand myself, I always keep myself in touch with the quality of products we produce and a keen eye for possible improvements. Each product we produce is thoroughly researched and uniquely formulated using a system we refer to as the "Targeted Holistic Formulation", whereby we ensure each ingredient is in balance and works together in a harmonizing way to overcome various hair, skin or body care problems. With that in mind, I confidently assure our clients of our total commitment to high quality products and visible results."